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Banana OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid created through crossing Banana Kush with OG Kush. Reviewers of this strain note an aroma of banana peels, tropical fruit, and pine trees with a subtle earthiness. The high starts as a mellow body buzz, melting away tension from your muscles. As your body becomes fully relaxed, the high spreads to the mind, helping you relax from the stresses of the day and find a mellow calm while remaining completely functional. Keep snacks nearby because this strain is known to induce the munchies. Banana OG is not recommended for novice smokers because of it's high THC level, but it is a good option for medical patients dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, muscle spasms, & migraines.

Banana OG is a powerful strain that can creep up on you, so be careful not to over-indulge before you feel it's full effects.

THC 25-29%

CBD .01-.1%


Chronic Pain
Muscle Spasms
Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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