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Mandarin Cookies is an uplifting hybrid created by crossing Ethos Cookies #12 with Mandarin Sunset. This mouthwatering strain has a tangy, citrus flavor with hints of rich, nutty earth. Mandarin Cookies has become a crowd favorite for its' uplifting and creative cerebral effects paired with a relaxing body high that leaves your limbs completely calm. When the high begins, you will notice a rush of euphoric energy engulf your mind, pushing out any negative thoughts or emotions. As the high spreads throughout your body, a pleasant tingling sensation will fill your mind and body, leaving you blissfully relaxed and at-peace with your surroundings. Once the high fully sets in, you will feel creative, motivated, and social while your body enters a state of calm and relaxation without zapping your energy. These effects make Mandarin Cookies a great choice for patients dealing with ADHD, fatigue, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression, and headaches.

The euphoric, cerebral high leaves you feeling creative and happy, making this a great strain for creative projects or social outings.

THC 14-17%

CBD 0-.1%


Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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