A Note From Our Talented Hash Maker

Hash Bash 3: A Maine Cannabis Community Competition is the Maine cannabis community’s way of celebrating 7/10 (710 is OIL upside down). Since 2020, hash makers in Maine have worked tirelessly to come up with the most elevated entry that might help them win the $10,000 1st prize. Over the last few years, solventless extraction has become very popular, partially due to the proper plant expression of flavor and aroma. Hunting genetics is the game’s name for finding something mouth-staining with medicinal solid effects.

I have been searching for the best flavors since day one of working with the cannabis plant. If it weren’t for the complex flavor profiles of cannabis, I don’t think hash would be such a big part of my life. My life has become a journey to find more profound and complex flavors. Searching through endless seed packs with varieties from around the world has helped me understand the qualities of these flavors. When searching for our entry, I was looking for the most complex flavors that not only had great flavor profiles but also flavors that stained the mouth and air for an extended period after the dab. I started isolating terpenes from the cannabis plant in 2016. When I came on board with Jar Co. in 2022, I aimed to bring on what I had learned about terpenes to highlight the quality of Jar Co.’s cannabis products. Jar Co.’s new terpene isolation technology captures 99.9% of the terpenes from the plant without using chemicals, allowing us to build our products from scratch. It was exciting to test my “designed cold cure” concept utilizing this technology to take the rosin game to another level in competition.

With all the years of R&D behind this entry, I’m grateful we took home 2nd place and the Bigid Farm Award. After seeing the final scores, it reflects how innovation and flavor are the name of the game.

– Justin Ordway (JAR Solventless Lab Manager)


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