About Jar co.

Founded by two of the state’s earliest medical marijuana caregivers, Jar Cannabis Co has been a part of Maine’s regulated cannabis industry from the very start. Given our experience, quality comes naturally. Operated by longtime friends who value family, health and time spent outdoors above all, these products reflect a lifestyle in which cannabis is part of an overall holistic approach to a balanced, adventurous and healthy life.

JarCo products are cultivated using innovative and organic technologies with an emphasis on quality and consistency. Our flower is pesticide free, mold free, devoid of heavy metals, and has been lab tested to the highest standard. From watering our plants to selling product at our storefronts, our cultivation, operations, and retail teams pay extra attention to every detail to make sure that every JarCo product that hits the market is our best-foot-forward

At JarCo, we ultimately strive to create cannabis products that our customers can trust. We hope that you can tell!

Joel, Adam, and Ryan


Hand selected, top quality strains.

All of our strains are selected, curated and crafted using the highest quality standards. Each strain we select is pursued for its distinct terpene and cannabinoid profile, as we believe this complementary relationship creates the best experience for the end user. For us, strain selection is not about the highest THC percentage. It’s about terpene diversity. We take pride in offering a wide variety of strains that are new, highly sought after and often locally sourced. Please note that we do not carry all strains at all times.
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