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Bred in Maine by local Chief Tokah Seeds, Cherry Ghostenade is a tasty indica-leaning hybrid created by crossing Cherry Ghost with Lemon Hash Plant. The buds have a refreshingly sweet aroma/flavor of fresh cherries and limes with funky, floral notes on the backend. The high will slowly engulf your mind and body as this strain’s mood-lifting and relaxing properties take hold, pushing out mental stress and muscle tension. You will find your mental state brightened as this strain’s happy and euphoric psychoactive effects help clear your mind of negative and racing thoughts. A sense of deep relief and calm will settle into your body as your aches and pains melt away with ease. Cherry Ghostenade’s euphoric and relaxing effects lend themselves to any time of day when you need a recess from the stressors of life.

This relaxing and mood-boosting hybrid tastes like a refreshing glass of cherry limeade!

THC 19-23%

CBD 0-.1%


Chronic Pain
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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