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Ice Cream Runtz is an indica dominant hybrid created through crossing Ice Cream Cake with White Runtz. This dessert strain has a sweet and earthy flavor, with notes of dough, nuts, and creamy vanilla that start when you break the first nug apart and linger long after your final toke. The high begins with a soothing buzz, which causes any pain and stress to melt away as you begin to unwind. These effects will slowly spread throughout your body, lulling you into a peaceful state of heavy relaxation that can lead to getting couch-locked or to a good night’s sleep. With this in mind, Ice Cream Runtz is best enjoyed either with a clear schedule or towards the end of your day.

This dessert strain has a sweet and earthy flavor, with notes of dough, nuts, and creamy vanilla.

THC 19-23%

CBD .01-.3%



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