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Silver Kush is a sativa-dominant mix of Silver Bubble and OG #18. This strain produces large, chunky buds that give off an herbal aroma of pine and lemons with notes of diesel, earth, and mint. The high starts with an uplifting and clear-headed high as any self-doubt and negativities melt away, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of happiness and euphoria. Some reviewers have noticed an increased awareness of their surroundings and ability to lock-in and focus on ideas or tasks. After the head high settles in, a powerful relaxation will spread throughout your body, releasing any tension in its path. Keeping your dose low tends to keep the high uplifting and energizing, but if one were to over-indulge, it has the potential to send users to the couch or increase your heart rate, which may cause anxiety. Because of these powerful effects, Silver Kush is said to be the perfect strain for treating chronic fatigue, inflammation, migraines or headaches, and chronic pain.

The taste is fresh and herbal, with an uplifting head-high that can bring on the giggles.

THC 24-28%

Cannabinoid 29-33%



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