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Cozy Strains for Winter in Maine by Mike Wight

Posted on: January 5th, 2024 by Erika Morotta No Comments

While Maine has been building a name for itself in the cannabis industry for years, the pine tree state has an even larger reputation for its long New England winters. Whether you’re exploring one of the state’s beautiful national parks, indulging in world-renowned food and drink in the Old Port, or simply enjoying the excuse to bake a few extra cookies at home, these strains are sure to help you enjoy the winter season in Maine. 

Clementine Kush’s bright citrus flavor and uplifting effects have made this sativa a longtime favorite of ours. This strain’s easygoing daytime high offers just enough energy to help you start the day off on the right foot, making it great for a chilly morning wake-and-bake, shoveling off the driveway, or spending the day in the great outdoors. This tasty sativa was created by breeding Tangerine Sunrise with Sanjay Gupta Kush.

 All out of Clementine Kush? Try out Tropicanna Cherries, another fruit-forward sativa that gives users a boost of fun, bubbly energy without making them feel uncomfortable or “too fast.” This strain’s happy-go-lucky high is perfect for ugly sweater parties, playing with pets, and baking sweet treats at home. This cross of Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies tastes like fresh cherries, backed by sour citrus and rich earth.

Whether you’ve just gotten home from work or from skiing the slopes at Sunday River or Sugarloaf, there’s no better way to unwind after a long day than with a freshly-packed bowl of Gush Mints. This heavy indica is known for its soothing body effects that melt away stress and tension, often treating users to a deeply relaxing experience that’s best enjoyed after a workout or before climbing into bed. Gushers, Durban Poison, and Kush Mints are all brought together in this supremely relaxing indica.

Ready for dessert? Swap out Gush Mints for Ice Cream Mints to add the taste of spiced vanilla and sugary dough to every hit. This strain’s potent indica-dominant high is similar to Gush Mints, offering users powerful relaxing effects that can become sleepy and sedating when used in large amounts. This indulgent dessert strain was bred by crossing Ice Cream Cake with Kush Mints.

Snowed in and stuck at home for the day? Spark up some Moonbow, a tasty hybrid from Archive Seed Bank. This strain balances its heady euphoric effects with a calming body high, helping users kick back and unwind without gluing them to the couch. This 50-50 hybrid is a great choice for chill days at home, especially when watching movies or having friends over. This potent cross of Dosidos and Zkittlez tastes like sweet sugary candy, tropical flowers, sweet berries and gas.

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