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Summer in Maine: Cannabis Adventures by Hannah Woolfolk

Posted on: August 14th, 2023 by Erika Morotta No Comments

What is my favorite way to spend summers in Maine? With cannabis of course! Here are a few of my go-to adventures to do while staying elevated during the Maine dog days of summer.

Whether I’m taking a dip in the lake, watching the waves along the rocky coast, or getting high up in the mountains, cannabis is a great addition to any summer adventure in the beautiful Pine Tree State. I don’t think I can pick my favorite summer activity, but no matter where the long days take me I know I can always count on a pick-me-up from a tasty edible, a wood-tipped vape pen, or a JAR dog walker joint . But, it’s important to respect your fellow Mainers and abide by smoking laws, so here are some of my go-to summer selects to stay high while enjoying all that Maine has to offer.

Maine is known for its beautiful abundance of water, from the clear blue lakes and ponds to the winding rivers connecting them. It can be tough to find a secret smoke spot when everyone under the sun is trying to enjoy the water, so on float days I tend to default to a THC beverage to quench my thirst and catch a little buzz. There are so many options for a delicious drink nowadays, and by slipping a JAR koozie over the label, you can be extra discrete when taking a sip. The high hits quickly and there is no hangover the next day! Now that’s a win-win.

Walking through the wharfs in Portland requires some sensitivity as well, and I tend to gravitate towards a vape pen to puff as I look out at the Atlantic Ocean. I love seeing the lobster boats bringing in their daily catch and hearing the seagulls swarming above the harbor. My favorite part of smoking a vape pen is the variety I have, from a fruity distillate pen to a strain-specific hash rosin pen, paired with the consistency and subtlety of the smoke. It’s like hitting a bowl without the cloud or the smell, perfect for a day of sightseeing in the state’s busiest city!

On those cooler summer days I like to make the drive up north for a hike. There’s nothing more satisfying than summiting a peak and looking out across the rolling green landscape below. But, a little pick-me-up at the top is also a must. I’ve found that the perfect hiking companion is the JAR tin of dog-walker joints. Ten .3g joints in a squish-protected case? Share them with your trail friends or smoke them all yourself, you can’t go wrong.  -Hannah Woolfolk, JAR Retail General Manager & Outdoor Enthusiast

JAR Rolling Papers with Custom Tips: A Review from Budtender, Evan Thorne

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When I first saw the new JAR Rolling Papers I was thrilled. The sleek black top caught my eye immediately and I drifted over to snag a pack from the table. Upon further inspection, this was not only a paper pack, but had customized filter tips as well, each tip having the slogan, ‘Take Adventure Wherever You Go” on one side and a funky van heading to the mountain on the other side.

Excited, I took them away to roll up. At first, I was a little dismayed because the filters were shorter than I was used to, and I couldn’t quite get it folded the way I like. After some contemplation though, I decided to change how I fold the filter and it all started to come together. Pulling out a paper I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and I was met with a nice clean, 1 ¼” hemp paper. There was a thick gum line at the top and the paper was folded length wise in half in a classic way.

I got my filter to my preferred size, gave the paper an extra fold just below the gum line to create a trough to hold the flower, and began to roll. The paper stuck to my fingers very well and didn’t slip as I rolled up. It allowed me to stuff and cone to my heart’s content and by the end of the roll there was around a gram of flower jammed inside. I had unintentionally placed the filter in the paper, but noticed as I rolled that the slogan written on the filter tip was showing through and it looked awesome. When it was complete, I set out to find a spot to smoke, delighted with my creation and eager to see how it was going to burn.

When some other test subjects were found, I lit it up and the trial was underway. I was instantly hit with how smooth the paper was and how it didn’t muddy up the flavor of the bud. As an avid smoker/roller I always pay attention to how the paper burns and what color ash is being left behind as those can be great indicators for the quality of your flower but also your paper, and I was not disappointed with these. I was provided with a clean, long-lasting burn, with white ash and no runs or re-lighting necessary, an experience that has remained consistent after further testing.

After the smoke had cleared it was apparent, these JAR papers are flipping awesome, and they set a bar for how I roll going forward. With the stone setting in, I ventured forth in search of chicken wings Dustin had just pulled off the grill. Much like myself, the wings were cooked to perfection and with a full stomach, and a hazy head I was feeling pretty good. The only question that remains to be answered now is, when does the King Size come out?

Want to learn how to roll a perfect joint? Follow this 10-Step Guide

Roll a Perfect Joint with this 10-Step Guide

Posted on: August 14th, 2023 by Erika Morotta No Comments

Joint consumer, connoisseur and JAR’s very own budtender, Evan Thorne, breaks down joint-rolling into 10 easy to follow steps (with pictures)!

  1. Grind your material. Rolling works best with quality flower that isn’t too dry, make sure you choose a flower that has a bit of stickiness to it. You can roll with drier flower, but it might be a little more difficult.
  2. Prepare your paper and filter. Fold the filter with the slogan facing you, take the end that has the arrow point and fold it just at the tip of the arrow, folding away from you. Once there is a good crease, continue rolling the filter around the single crease you’ve made. The paper will already have a fold in it, but let’s add one more. Hold the paper like it came from the pack and now pull the front down and expose the gum line entirely. Fold the paper there and you should have a nice trough for your filter and material to sit in. Plop your filter into your paper and you’re ready to start rolling!
  3. Hold the paper and filter together with the gum line facing you and start adding material in beginning on the side with the filter. Spread the flower evenly. You can add more material at the end of the joint if you want to give it more of a cone shape.
  4. Once your material is all in, take your finger and lightly pack down the flower. This will help keep the flower together and will provide you with some stability during the roll.
  5. Next take both sides of the paper and begin rolling. It’s not always intuitive but practice makes perfect, and I believe in you! Once you have a nice core of flower rolled, not too tight, you can begin tucking the paper in.
  6. Start at the end where the filter is and begin the tuck. Once the first part of the tuck is in the rest usually follows along but you may have to work with it a little bit. Hold the joint by the filter where you have already tucked the paper in and begin rolling and shifting the paper as necessary. This is usually where things can go wrong, and you may have to try a few times but as you curl and roll, you’ll see it start to come together.
  7. Now that you have your roll almost done, it’s time to lick it and stick it. As you roll, the gum line will stay exposed and when you’re ready you can wet the gumline and stick it to the paper.
  8. Once your paper is stuck you should have something resembling a joint! Now let’s clean it up. Grab a packing tool like the flat end of a pen and gently push the material down into the joint leaving a small bit of paper empty at the top. You can tap or shake your joint to get a more even pack, but this can also cause clogging if it becomes too compressed. You may also lose material out the back end if it is rolled too loosely.
  9. With the last bit of paper on the end, fold it down with your packing tool so the end is flat and blunt.
  10. Congratulations! You now have an awesome joint that you rolled yourself, good job! Time to spark that thing up and relax, you worked for it!
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