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The Skinny on Vapes

Posted on: July 13th, 2023 by Adam Platz No Comments

How to use a Vape Pen

There are two main parts to a vape pen. The battery, which powers and controls the cartridge; and the cartridge itself, which contains a tank for the cannabis oil, an atomizer to heat it, and a mouthpiece. In other words, the cartridge is where the magic happens. With the press of a button, the battery sends power to the atomizer, melting the oil and turning it into a fine vapor that’s ready to inhale- no grinders, papers, or lighters required.

Different Types of Cartridges

Cartridges come pre-filled with a variety of different concentrates, or oil that’s been carefully extracted from the cannabis plant. The type of concentrate that’s inside of a cart determines the way it smokes, the flavor, and even the way it feels. At JAR, we produce several different kinds of cartridges that can be categorized as either distillate, cured or live resin, and cured or live rosin. 

  • Distillate is a THC-only oil that’s missing all other active compounds from the flower it’s extracted from. Distillate typically has a potent, spaced-out high similar to most edibles and strong flavors from the terpenes that are added back in during production. Because it’s THC only, distillate can not have sativa or indica dominant effects.
  • Resin is a full spectrum oil, meaning that it contains all of the active compounds and terpenes from the original flower it was extracted from. Resin is made using chemical solvents like butane or propane, and has very potent effects that are short-lived in comparison to rosin or flower.\
  • Rosin is a premium full spectrum oil that’s similar to resin, but is made only using ice water, heat, and pressure rather than chemical solvents. This process leads to a concentrate with superior flavor and long lasting effects that are nearly identical to the flower it was extracted from.
  • Cured/Live: Cured and live refer to the type of flower that the concentrate was made from. For example, cured rosin is made from flower that’s been hung, dried, and cured, leading to a lighter and more traditional taste; whereas live rosin only uses flower that’s either fresh from harvest or frozen directly afterwards, locking in more of that strain’s unique flavor and effects. 

Now that we’ve learned about several different kinds of cartridges and the way they work, all that’s left to do is experiment! Ask your budtender for their advice the next time you visit your local dispensary; they’ll be happy to help find a cart that’s right for you. And if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with content like this and other happenings at JAR!

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